DERMAL FILLER TRAINING Dermal Fillers Level 1 DURATION: Full Day Hands On Course MODULE: 1
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The Level 1 Dermal Filler course concentrates on the use of
dermal fillers for the Perioral region. This includes nose to
mouth lines, nasio-labials, lips, and mouth corners.
A great emphasis is placed on mastering the current techniques for the various clinical situations, as well as techniques developed by Prof Bob Khanna himself which are used as a benchmark internationally.
Delegates will be issued a certificate on completion of the
course. Details will also be provided on appropriate malpractice insurance.
It is advised that delegates have a model for either lips or nasio labial lines to practice the techniques on.


    • To gain an understanding of the use of dermal fillers in the face.
    • To appreciate and have knowledge of the different types of
    • fillers currently available and the pros and cons of each.
    • Discuss and have appreciation of various injection techniques.
    • To understand the anatomical considerations when using a
    • dermal filler.
    • Understand the importance of accurate patient assessment from the initial consultation through to the actual treatment itself by watching a series of live demonstrations.
    • To understand how to carry out the procedures by undertaking a practical workshop (hands on workshop session) on a live patient
    • using a dermal filler for either lip augmentation, peri oral lines, nose to mouth lines.
    • To understand how to market facial aesthetics procedures with dermal fillers in your practice.

    • Wednesday - March 7th 2018
    • Friday - April 20th 2018
    • Thursday - May 17th 2018
    • Thursday - June 7th 2018
    • Thursday - July 5th 2018
    • Wednesday - August 15th 2018
    • Wednesday - September 12th 2018
    • Wednesday - September 19th 2018
    • Friday - October 12th 2018
    • Wednesday - November 7th 2018
    • Friday - December 7th 2018

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