DERMAL FILLER TRAINING Dermal Fillers Level 3 - Part 2 DURATION: Full Day Hands On Course MODULE: 2
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This course is ideal for those professionals who are comfortable with conventional intra-dermal augmentation and wish to excel in the more complex facial areas including the nose (non surgical rhinoplasty, dorsal hump ‘reduction’, nasal tip lifting), chin and jaw line definition.
This course places a large emphasis on mastering the use of
both sharp needles and modern Cannula systems.
A great emphasis is placed on mastering the current
techniques for the various clinical situations that may arise as well as techniques developed by Prof Bob Khanna.
Delagates will be issued a certificate on completion of the
course. Delegates are advised that they have a suitable model to practice the techniques on.


    • To gain an understanding of the use of dermal fillers in the face specifically for the periorbital and mid facial region.
    • To appreciate and have knowledge of the different types of fillers currently available and the pros and cons of each.
    • Discuss and have appreciation of various injection techniques and anatomical considerations.
    • Understand the importance of accurate patient assessment from the initial consultation through to the actual treatment itself by watching a series of live demonstrations.
    • To understand how to carry out the procedures by undertaking a practical workshop (hands on workshop session) on a live patient using a dermal filler for the nose, chin and jawline.
    • To understand how to market facial aesthetics procedures with dermal fillers in your current practices and the profitability associated with such treatments.

    • Thursday - March 15th 2018
    • Wednesday - April 25th 2018
    • Wednesday - June 20th 2018
    • Wednesday - October 3rd 2018
    • Wednesday - October 17th 2018
    • Wednesday - November 28th 2018
    • Wednesday - December 12th 2018

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